venerdì 8 giugno 2007

Le Steli di Tiya, Les Stèles de Tiya, Stelae of Tiya

Magnifiche sculture monolitiche. Non sono altro che lapidi funerarie. Ancora oggi non si conosce la storia del popolo che le ha scolpite. Le steli di Tiya sono tuttora avvolte nel mistero.


Tiya: A City of the Dead
Designated a World Heritage Site in 1980 and visited by archaeologists for many years before that, its hidden mysteries were only revealed in a series of excavations between 1980 and 1990.
Between a metre and almost three metres high, the stones are an imposing presence at the first sight. It is easy to appreciate how the local legends and myths would grow around them, these solemn, dark stones on the hillcrest, easily imaginable as a noble graveyard.
There are some engravings of what are obviously swords. Some of them point upwards, others downwards, on the same stone. Of these, the numbers vary as one scans the stones. One stone has many as six or seven of this symbols. No surprise for the local people in what the archaeologists were discovering, for they had always known it as a graveyard. And the site did hold the graves of fifty people. How they were buried surprised the archaeologists. Those individuals lay in what their scientific world called the "foetal" position. Sometimes 2 of them together in the same grave.

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